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Two Blankies donated to auction

This Black and White Tuxie is 43" x 56" (3ft 7in x 4ft 6in)
$35 includes shipping (in the US).

This Dark Pink is 46" x 62" (3ft 8in x 5ft 2in)
$40 includes shipping (in the US).

Snow Blankie - sold to KC

Very white, my lighting doesn't show it very well.
About 5 foot square.

$38 includes shipping in US

More New Blankies - all gone in Shell's Auction


**ICE** 36" X 53"

**HOT (and sexy)** 38" x 52"

**RED, WHITE, and BLACK** 42" x 48"

New Blankies for Shell's Auction - Gone!

Go HERE to bid.
Hot Pink and white
4ft x 6ft

 Blue-green and purple
LARGE people size
7ft x 8ft

New Blankies!! - sold :)

orange and yellow  40" x 40"

Pink and white 48" x 28"
go HERE to bid

Black and Blue Confetti Blankie-SOLD

to Angus Mhor
20" wide and 60" long. 
Purrfect for across the back of your couch.
$20 + shipping

How much do you love your furry Valentine?

This Much??
46" x 65"
$30 plus shipping.

New Blankies!!

sky blue with clouds

turquoise chenille and black 


Florida sunset blankie

Pretend you're walking on the beach, watching the sun set. 
3 1/2 ft x 5 ft. $35 plus postage.
Email Mom if you're interested - mar123 at gmail dot com